Top 5 ETL Tools for Salesforce Data Migration

Does your business require Salesforce data migration services? Since you realize you need a scalable process, or you may have to migrate between Salesforce instances because you might have acquired another business that uses Salesforce, which means you need to integrate its data into your Salesforce instance.

However, the process of successfully migrating Salesforce data is among the hardest jobs a Salesforce professional has to perform. The process of salesforce data migration services involves Conducting a requirements analysis, evaluating data transfer, verifying the data source and the destination, developing a roadmap, and creating a robust data transfer plan. 

The migration of data can vary greatly according to the format, size, and accuracy of the source data. Salesforce data migration can be achieved with ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) tools, and this article focuses on the top 5 ETL tools for Salesforce data migration.

Why should you choose the ETL tool over the Salesforce import wizard for data migration?

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You might have a question in your mind, why should I use the ETL tool for salesforce data migration services if there is already a built-in import wizard feature in Salesforce that can handle this task. ETL tools are much more versatile and powerful. 

ETL programs let you modify data, export it, and import it again into Salesforce. The ETL process combines data from multiple sources, including the transfer of data from sales, purchasing, and payroll apps to the cost account system. Using an ETL tool helps you save time by reducing the amount of time-consuming manual work.

How to choose the right ETL tool for Salesforce data migration

Every company has unique data migration services needs, so it’s hard to predict which features to prioritize when searching for ETL tools. The majority of organizations prefer certain features when analyzing and moving Salesforce data. Consider these features when choosing an ETL tool for Salesforce Data Migration Services:


  • Low-code and no-code environments.
  • Integrates seamlessly with databases, CRMs, data warehouses, and business intelligence applications.
  • Ensure compliance with security standards established by GDPR, HIPAA, CCPA, and other legal requirements.
  • User-friendly interface for building a successful data migration pipeline.


Top 5 ETL(Extract, Transform, Load) Tools for Salesforce Data Migration


  1. Apex Data Loader

With its basic bare-bones interface and solid, no-frills design, the app makes importing and exporting data simple. An “upsert” option is provided in Apex Data Loader, which allows existing records to be updated. This application requires an ID from Salesforce or an external ID to search for a match with an existing record. The record will be updated if it matches, or a new one will be created if a match cannot be found. 


Key features:

  • It is best used when external systems often update information.
  • With each operation, it creates a set of CSV files, both with success and failure information. 
  • The Automap button simplifies field mapping significantly. 
  • Apex data loader is free if you have a Salesforce account.


  1. Progress Data Direct

The Progress Data Direct data integration tool provides superior data connectivity with Salesforce using a traditional interface as well as a new interface. This tool is very efficient as well as intuitive to use. Driver capabilities include a built-in cache, which can be accessed directly without the need for an intermediary database. As a result, performance is improved and Salesforce API calls are reduced. It is easy to administrate the tool because only one Salesforce connector is used across all applications. To load tactical and strategic data, the driver can be customized without modifying the application code.

Key Features: 

  • Easy installation and implementation. Compatible with multiple data sources.
  • Provides world-class security and support 24/7.
  • Get faster access to your data with affordable, easy-to-use, and time-saving drivers.


  1. Talend Open Studio

This tool provides an Eclipse IDE-based open-source and powerful ETL solution for Salesforce. It offers a unified environment for the management of data and integration of applications, providing an all-in-one platform. 

The ease with which this is accomplished through a graphical user interface that combines data quality, data integration, master data management, application integration, and big data, enhances productivity significantly. 

The biggest benefit is that, unlike some other ETL (extract transformation load) tools, it is very powerful about transformation. With its strong data cleansing capabilities, master data management capabilities, and enterprise service bus deployment, it can handle complex issues.

Key Features:

  • No scripting is required for file management
  • Eclipse-based development tooling
  • With Talend, millions of records can be moved in a single run with no problem.
  • The Talend property files enable us to dynamically access various environment-specific values without any fuss.


  1. JitterBit Data Loader

This free ETL tool is suitable for performing quick tasks on an as-needed basis. Despite its versatility and easy management, it scores well from a usability and management standpoint. 

Furthermore, it offers options like query, delete, and bulk loading in addition to inserting, updating, and “upsetting”. This tool allows for easy configuration through a wizard-driven graphical point-and-click interface.


Key Features:

  • Has the capability to perform insert, create, hard delete, delete, query, upsert, and bulk upload.
  • The Jitterbit Data Loader was built with Salesforce administrators in mind, so it could potentially lighten your IT team’s workload.
  • The data uploaded to Salesforce can be automated using the scheduling feature.
  • You can also track your data loads with Jitterbit’s management, monitoring, and reporting capabilities.


  1. Pentaho Community Edition

This ETL tool is a free, open-source tool with almost all features that should be included in ETL. The community version offers the advantage of accessing the tools that have been tried and tested over time, as well as a large and active community that can assist in troubleshooting.

Key Features:

  • The adaptive execution feature in Pentaho lets users choose the most suitable processing engine for each workload, without re-writing any data integration logic.
  • It is ideally suited for business intelligence professionals, open-source software developers, early adopters, and students



Throughout the article, you have learned about the top 5 ETL tools for Salesforce data migration services. You received a comprehensive overview of each Salesforce ETL tool. 

Since Manual data migration is a complex process, businesses are increasingly looking for Automated and Continuous Integration solutions. Besides being hassle-free, these tools are also easy to use and require no technical expertise.

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