About Us

What We Do

At iSyncSF, the primary aim of our services is to help all Salesforce users migrate their data from one org to another seamlessly. Our services revolve around helping our client migrate their valuable data across different orgs with utmost ease and efficiency.


Over the years, our experience in the field of CRM and Salesforce data management has made us realize that businesses tend to spend a lot of time and effort in migrating their data across different orgs, especially when they are dealing with complex data structures and applications where data configuration is stored in different Salesforce objects.

In these cases, it is important for an organization to ensure that the migration of data is efficient and free from errors. Going the traditional way, the process of data migration involves extracting the data from the objects into an Excel file one by one, importing the files to Salesforce, and exporting the records again to get the new record IDs. For loading the second object into a different Salesforce org, the process of extraction and complex V-lookups into Excel needs to be repeated.

Simply by reading the process involved in traditional data migration, it is easy to imply that it takes way too long for an organization to migrate large volumes of data across different Salesforce orgs. Moreover, even after spending thousands of hours behind data migration, there is no guarantee of accuracy and security of the data moved. This further leads to another thousand hours spend on managing the data and rectifying the errors.

This is precisely the problem that we solve!

iSyncSF helps businesses migrate their Salesforce data without having to go through the tedious process mentioned above, with a few simple clicks! We help you move your data from one org to another without even having to define a sequence for relevant data.

This makes our platform simple to understand and easy to use even for users with little to no experience in the field of programming. We have created an application that is 100% native to your Salesforce org and blends seamlessly with your system to help you carry out specific processes. With iSyncSF, you can rest assured that all your pain points related to data migration will be taken care of.

However, our services are not limited to help you migrate Salesforce data from one org to another. Taking into consideration the need to keep your data 100% secure and private, we help you mask all or part of your data in your Salesforce instance. Masking of valuable data helps you keep it safe from being accessed by vendors and personnel who are not authorized to do so. We help you mask your sensitive data in an easy and simplified manner in the production as well as the sandbox environment.

Moreover, we help you create customized sandboxes to replicate your production data for the purpose of development, testing, or training. By availing of our services, you can recreate a production-like environment in a different org to carry out specific activities without affecting the original production org data.

Apart from this, the services provided by iSyncSF include attachment and file migration, handling IDs stored under text fields, assisting in pre and post-migration steps, metadata management, and many more. We aim at helping you and your team migrate and manage your Salesforce data in the best way possible.

Our Vision

Our team at iSyncSF has a vision of giving complete control to Salesforce users over managing their data across multiple instances. We aim at making every Salesforce user self-reliant in handling the migration of data with complicated structure and configuration.

All our services are intended to make Salesforce data migration and management faster, simpler, and more effective across different orgs. Through our services, we are willing to eradicate the traditional practice of spending several hours migrating your Salesforce data. When you move your valuable objects and records in a few simple clicks, you can spend more time handling the more pressing and core business issues.

iSyncSF aims at helping your internal team of developers, administrators, data architects, and data compliance members do their job efficiently, ultimately helping you increase your overall ROI.