Mastering Data Complexity: iSyncSF’s Approach to Complex Hierarchies


In the dynamic world of Salesforce, where data reigns supreme, having a robust synchronization tool is paramount. Enter iSyncSF, a 100% native Salesforce app designed to revolutionize data synchronization processes. In this blog, we will delve into the features that make iSyncSF a game-changer for Salesforce users, covering everything from complex hierarchy support to user-friendly interfaces.

Native to the Core:

iSyncSF is built entirely on the Salesforce platform, ensuring seamless integration and optimal performance. Being a native app means it leverages the full power of Salesforce, providing users with a familiar environment and a tool that’s deeply embedded in the platform.

Hierarchy Harmony:

One of iSyncSF’s standout features is its ability to handle complex hierarchies, including “N” level self-lookups. This means that no matter how intricate your data structures are, iSyncSF ensures a smooth synchronization process, maintaining the integrity of your hierarchical relationships.

Text Relationship Fields:

iSyncSF goes beyond standard synchronization tools by supporting text relationship fields. This versatility allows users to synchronize even the most intricate data models, including those that rely on text-based relationships.

Optimized Batch Sizes:

Tackling the challenge of object-specific batch sizes, iSyncSF provides users with the flexibility to define batch sizes based on specific Salesforce objects. This optimization ensures efficient data transfer without overwhelming the system.

Virtual Primary Key & Custom External ID:

iSyncSF introduces the concept of a virtual primary key, offering a unique solution for data synchronization. Additionally, the ability to define custom external IDs empowers users to align their data syncing with their unique business requirements.

User-Friendly Interface & Easy Configuration:

iSyncSF takes user experience seriously. With an intuitive and user-friendly interface, users can easily configure the synchronization process according to their needs. The learning curve is minimized, allowing users to leverage the full potential of iSyncSF from day one.

Custom Callbacks for Post-Migration Activities:

iSyncSF doesn’t stop at data synchronization; it extends support to post-migration activities with custom callbacks. This feature allows users to define specific actions or processes triggered after data migration, ensuring a comprehensive and tailored approach to data management.

Informative Reporting:

Stay informed and in control with iSyncSF’s robust reporting capabilities. Gain insights into the synchronization process, track changes, and identify potential areas for optimization. Informed decision-making becomes a breeze with comprehensive and customizable reports.

Templates for Popular Apps:

iSyncSF is designed to seamlessly integrate with popular Salesforce apps such as Salesforce CPQ, Apttus CPQ, Apttus Approval, and more. Templates provided for these apps make the synchronization process smoother and more efficient, ensuring compatibility with your existing Salesforce ecosystem.


In the fast-paced world of Salesforce, iSyncSF emerges as a beacon of innovation. With its native architecture, support for complex hierarchies, user-friendly interface, and a suite of features catering to diverse business needs, iSyncSF is the answer to your data synchronization challenges. Elevate your Salesforce experience with iSyncSF and witness the transformation of your data management processes.

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