How to create Salesforce named credential for Org Master

How to connect source org to destination orgs for Salesforce data migration with iSyncSF.

At a high level, org connection follows a two-step process:

Step 1 – Create a named credential

Step 2 – Create an Org Master record.

What is Named Credentials:

A named credential specifies the URL of a callout endpoint and its required authentication parameters in
one definition. To simplify the setup of authenticated callouts, specify a named credential as the callout
endpoint. If you instead specify a URL as the callout endpoint, you must register that URL in your org’s
remote site settings and handle the authentication yourself. For example, for an Apex callout, your code
would need to handle authentication, which can be less secure and especially complicated for OAuth

What is Org Master:

Org Master holds various connected org, to create Org Master we need a Named Credential Name. For example, if
we want to move data from production to sandbox, create org master record on production which points to
the sandbox.





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