Efficient and Accurate Data Migration: Introducing iSyncSF

iSyncSF is a powerful data migration tool that can help organizations efficiently and effectively migrate data from one Salesforce instance to another. iSyncSF provides a range of features and benefits that can help organizations maintain complex data hierarchies and relationships, control what and how much data is migrated, and ensure accurate data. Maintaining Complex Data Hierarchy and Relationships iSyncSF supports…

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How to create Salesforce named credential for Org Master

  How to connect source org to destination orgs for Salesforce data migration with iSyncSF. At a high level, org connection follows a two-step process: Step 1 - Create a named credential Step 2 - Create an Org Master record. What is Named Credentials: A named credential specifies the URL of a callout endpoint and its required authentication parameters in…

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Salesforce Migration: Setting Up The Process And Salesforce Migration Checklist

In the age of digitization, the relevance of cloud-based CRM is on the rise and is certain to dominate the years to come. Businesses around the world are switching from legacy platforms to advanced and automated platforms to make themselves future-ready. Salesforce has been providing CRM services to organizations across the globe for more than two decades. Owing to the…

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Salesforce Data Model Designs

Important Considerations For Creating Salesforce Data Model Designs

Salesforce allows developers to create data models for applications with a few simple clicks, making the process faster and easier. However, Salesforce Architects should always design the data models with precision to provide the organization with the required features through the concerned application. Salesforce data model designs can be simple or complicated based on the objectives to be achieved by…

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