Everything You Need To Know About Salesforce Data Security And Data Masking

Over time, companies operating in all major industries are switching to cloud-based platforms to store their databases. CRM platforms like Salesforce are likely to hold information that is highly sensitive in nature. Especially in sectors like finance, law, and healthcare, it is important for organizations to maintain the utmost privacy and security of records. When these institutions make use of…

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What Is A Salesforce Native Application? What Are The Benefits Of Implementing One Within Your Organization?

We all know Salesforce as a CRM platform that helps organizations in storing and analyzing their records. It is a platform that helps you manage your customer database to provide personalized services to your customers. However, Salesforce can also be used as an ecosystem to build and deploy responsible applications. Salesforce developers help organizations in building applications that make use…

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The Many Types And Considerations Of Salesforce Sandboxes

While using Salesforce, it is always important to ensure utmost safety and security of your database. Users cannot afford to make the smallest mistakes while importing records within their Salesforce org, managing them, and integrating the database with an external application. In 2021, the majority of data stored by organizations is highly sensitive and should not be shared with every…

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Setting Up Salesforce Data Migration In 3 Simple Steps

Salesforce is a data-driven platform and all the processes undertake within the Salesforce environment depend on the records stored within the org. Data migration allows Salesforce users to move their records into or out of their Salesforce database. Dedicated Salesforce data migration tools help you in importing and exporting specific records based on your needs and preferences. However, irrespective of…

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Important Tips To Help You Optimize Your Salesforce Sandbox

Salesforce is all about data management. It allows users to record, store, track, and access their valuable data in a way that they are able to cater to their clients in the best way possible. However, Salesforce often deals with data that is sensitive to your organization. It is always important for a Salesforce user to differentiate between production data…

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