An All-inclusive Guide To Developing Custom Salesforce Applications

An All-inclusive Guide To Developing Custom Salesforce Applications

Salesforce is a considerably vast platform with a range of different tools, features, products, and editions. This often makes it difficult for users to manage all their processes on the CRM platform. In order to make operations more user-effective, Salesforce allows users to build robust applications. These applications are called custom Salesforce applications.

The purpose of a custom Salesforce application is to make the CRM platform more accessible to the users. It combines all the functionalities of Salesforce and provides them to you in a powerful application. These applications can be considered simplified and customized versions of the CRM platform. Custom Salesforce applications can be tailored by organizations based on their specific needs and preferences.

The development of custom Salesforce applications also allows users to work on seamless mobile applications, making the usage more flexible and scalable. These applications allow Salesforce users to manage their database, generate reports, and undertake all relevant processes that can be performed using the desktop version.

In this blog, we would discuss the basics of developing a custom Salesforce application. This should provide you with a working knowledge of what these applications are and how they can be developed based on your requirements.

What Is A Custom Salesforce Application?

In simple words, a custom Salesforce application is the replica of the CRM platform contained within an application. It is a platform that provides users with all the tools and features of Salesforce bundled within the functionality of an application. This allows users to operate from any place without the need to access one specific system.

A custom application of a cloud-based CRM platform like Salesforce helps your sales and marketing teams to collaborate and keep a track of their processes on a centralized platform. This helps them increase the efficiency and accuracy of their processes.

Why Should You Develop Custom Salesforce Applications?

Here are some of the most important reasons why you should consider developing a custom Salesforce application:

Increased Flexibility

The biggest reason behind custom Salesforce app development is always the need for flexible operations. These applications prevent users from being bound to dedicated locations to undertake their processes. Irrespective of the location and device from which a user logs in, the application would provide them with the same dashboard and allow them to make changes that would be recorded in real-time.

Seamless Identity Management

Custom Salesforce applications facilitate seamless identity management as the platform provides a unique identity record for every user. Salesforce identity can be used by all native Salesforce applications to undertake secure sign-ins, keep directories in sync, and facilitate effective communication between Salesforce applications.

Third-party Integrations

Based on your specific requirements, you can integrate your custom Salesforce application with a suitable third-party platform. This allows you to extend the overall functionality of the CRM platform and prevent your team from switching platforms for performing different activities. Salesforce integrations provide users with a single unified platform with automated data sync to streamline business processes.

Better Uptime

Custom Salesforce applications provide you with an improved uptime as compared to third-party applications. Getting external applications linked to your Salesforce org increases the risk of facing unexpected downtime on a frequent basis. This can cost your organization a fortune as it results in lost sales, untapped opportunities, and longer sales cycles.

With custom Salesforce applications, you can get rid of these issues and have improved uptime. As long as the Salesforce server is active and running effectively, you can rest assured that your Salesforce application is running successfully.

Industry-specific Applications

Salesforce allows organizations to build custom applications for specific industries. Building industry-specific Salesforce applications allow you to personalize your services and provide a better user interface to your team members. These applications help users to navigate through the platform based on the processes that are unique to the industry they belong to.

Important Considerations Before Developing A Custom Salesforce Application

Building custom Salesforce applications require thorough planning and precision. It is never advisable to rush the development process as it may lead to dire implications for your organization.

Here are some of the most important considerations to keep in mind before going ahead with custom Salesforce app development:

Creating An Action Plan

One of the most important aspects to consider before you develop your custom Salesforce application is to create a thorough action plan for the same. It is always important to plan the entire development process, right from ideation to final deployment.

Develop a project timeline with the different milestones to achieve at regular intervals. This would provide you with a clear sense of direction and guide you every step of the way once you start executing the plan. Planning is essentially the process of creating a blueprint for the process of developing your custom Salesforce application.

When you create an action plan, it is also important to make a list of the resources required to develop your application. This would equip you and your team to undertake seamless development without facing any hassles.

Having Clearly Defined Goals And Objectives

In order to start the development of your custom Salesforce application, it is important to be clear about the goals and objectives you are willing to achieve. Which departments would be using the application? Which processes are you willing to automate? What are the benefits of the application for your customers? How does the application make the work of your team easier? Answering such questions would help you establish clear goals and objectives that are to be achieved by developing the application.

Checking Compatibility With Your System

It is always important to make sure that the app you are willing to develop is compatible with your existing system and other applications. For this, you need to take into consideration the present Salesforce configuration within your organization and see whether it is conducive for the custom application you want to develop. This would help you ascertain the specific tools and features to add to the application.

Focusing On Data Security

In the age of digitization, data security should always be given priority. Before you go ahead with the development of your custom Salesforce application, always make provisions to keep your data secure and private. Take into consideration factors like validation rules, permission sets, workflow field updates, default values, and more to keep your Salesforce data secure.

Focusing on data security helps you prevent threats like data leaks, unauthorized access, data fraud, and many more. A secure application helps your team undertake specific processes without worrying about the sensitive records stored within the system.

Tips For Developing An Ideal Custom Salesforce Application

If you are willing to leverage the overall functionality of your organization, here are some of the most important tips to keep in mind while developing a custom Salesforce application:

Emphasize On User Experience

Never forget that you are developing your custom Salesforce app for the users. Make sure that you focus on improving the user experience by providing your team with the application. Understand the issues faced by your employees, the processes they need to automate, and the goals you need to achieve before designing and developing your custom Salesforce application.

Consult The Users

It is always important for the end-users to have a say in the development of custom Salesforce applications. While creating an action plan, make sure that you involve the users and take their opinion on the application to be built. Right from the features to be added to the UI to be designed, the active involvement of the users would help you build an ideal Salesforce application.

Consider Scaling Your Application

While you get your custom Salesforce application developed, make sure that you take scaling into consideration. One of the biggest benefits of cloud-based applications is the fact that they can be scaled easily. Along with meeting the existing demands of the users, it is important to make provisions for a potential increase or decrease in the demands. If you build an application that is capable of handling a little more or a little less load in a hassle-free manner, you would have an ideal Salesforce application at your disposal.

Optimize The Social Functionality Options

We live in an age where everyone has a presence on social media. Social media platforms have made communications and collaborations easier. When it comes to employees’ social media platforms, they can be optimized to ensure smooth and effective communication across the organization. It is, therefore, advisable to take advantage of the social functionality options provided by Salesforce while building your custom Salesforce application. This would allow your team to enjoy the benefits provided by socially connected tools and features of the CRM platform.

The Final Word

These were some of the most basic yet important aspects one should be aware of while building a custom Salesforce application. However, whenever you are willing to develop these applications, it is always advisable to take help from professional developers for building apps that are industry-specific, scalable, and flexible.

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