Data Masking: What is it, its types, and best practices?

Have you considered what might happen to your company if you were to lose your important data? You will lose your stakeholders; your customers and your business will end and no one will count on you with their credentials.  According to our research, data breaches cost businesses more than $5 million. So let’s take a tour in knowing what data…

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What is Salesforce Lightning and How It’s Different from Classic?

Salesforce made entry to the CRM world with its classic feature. People loved it since they knew they had a CRM that allowed task management, contact management, and workflow creation.  Classic was loved by users but lacked text centricity and graphical elements. To mitigate this issue salesforce came with a newer version known as lightning. The user interface was massively…

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10 Tips on Salesforce Data Migration

Having a seamless data migration is challenging. This requires tech expertise and a unique strategy.  This is where salesforce data migration services come into the picture. Experienced salesforce companies like isyncSF handle the migration of large volumes of data, from legacy systems to Salesforce with no disruptions. The professionals present in the company have proven their skill and proficiency in…

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What is Salesforce CPQ: Configure, Price & Quote

Most of the business owners who are new to salesforce, ask two questions: What is Salesforce CPQ? And why do I need it? Salesforce CPQ stands for configuring, pricing, and quoting, and it is used to create an organized sales process.  In this informational blog, we are going to discuss salesforce CPQ in detail so that you can decide if…

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6 common mistakes during salesforce data migration and how to avoid them

Data migration in salesforce is not just moving large volumes of data from source to destination. The movement of data migration in salesforce is very time-consuming and requires a load of planning. Experienced salesforce companies like isyncSF have skilled professionals who have years of data migration experience. Outsourcing your data migration to companies like these would mean a dedicated data…

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