How To Configure An ETL Solution In Salesforce The Right Way?

The age of digitization calls for tools and platforms that deal with process automation, cloud-based operations, data management, and other activities that are needed for a business to thrive in the modern market. Salesforce has maintained its status as a pioneer in the CRM industry for more than two decades. The cloud-based platform allows organizations operating at all scales and…

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Salesforce Industry: What Is It And What Are Its Offerings?

For the longest time, it was believed that Salesforce was limited to the marketing and sales sector of the industry. Salesforce has been in the market for more than two decades and has helped a plethora of organizations streamline their business processes on a daily basis. Its functionality is not limited to a few specific domains. Instead, Salesforce proved its…

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Salesforce service providers

A Beginner’s Guide For Small Businesses To Hire Salesforce Service Providers

Salesforce has been ruling the CRM market for several years and has created its niche in the industry. It has helped organizations operating in multiple industries record, store, and assess their customer databases. Over time, more and more companies are switching to the cloud-based platform using suitable Salesforce data migration tools. The key reasons behind making a switch to Salesforce…

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Salesforce Migration: Setting Up The Process And Salesforce Migration Checklist

In the age of digitization, the relevance of cloud-based CRM is on the rise and is certain to dominate the years to come. Businesses around the world are switching from legacy platforms to advanced and automated platforms to make themselves future-ready. Salesforce has been providing CRM services to organizations across the globe for more than two decades. Owing to the…

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